My third value of life is being SMARTER, is not only about intelligent that we are SMARTER than others.

It is more about how we can do what we love and maintain to earn money from it. Imagine you do not have to work at all because all you do is what makes you happier, for me it is called being SMARTER.

Being SMARTER from my side as I am running my own business, instead of working for others. I love to take control of my time, to work based on my timeline. Sanger Learning is a training center, founded by my husband and I as the co-founder, also CEO Sanger Learning (learn more about our Programming and Multimedia Training Center at

We provide everyone to boost their skills, moreover to learn new skills, as we live in the digital era, where skills are important to live. It has been more than a year and I am satisfied with the perfomance of our Sanger Learning, we can offer many students with new opportunities and show them that they can run business with what they have learned from our training center.

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